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He has designed a new smoke alarm that he says is smarter and more efficient.The new alarm uses special sensors and an algorithm, to measure heat, not just smoke, so it can sense the difference between a little burnt food and real danger. Warmack also says the alarm can detect a slow burning, smoldering fire up to 30 minutes sooner than the old detectors.So far, you can buy them anywhere, but Warmack and his team are working with manufacturers to get them on store shelves»It all great. We hopeful that it stays very cost effective and cheap enough, so that people can actually purchase these, and use them in their homes,» Warmack said.Firefighters and designers alike hope it will change smoke detectors, as we known them for decades, and, in turn, save lives.»I love to have a hand in saving a few lives, and this has a really good potential of doing that,» Warmack said.The new alarm also features a carbon monoxide detector, and an alert that sounds at a lower frequency.

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